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Wonderbra Built a Free App That Lets You Strip a Model Down to Her Skivvies

Illustration for article titled Wonderbra Built a Free App That Lets You Strip a Model Down to Her Skivvies

Sex sells. Blah, blah, blah. Wonderbra's lingerie x-ray vision app masquerading as an ad campaign is pretty incredible.


Not incredible good, but incredible, like...literally incredible. As in, I am incredulous.

Available for free from both the iOS and Android app stores, "Wonderbra Decoder" will reveal to you a taut and toned Slovakian supermodel stripped down to her skivvies.

Use the Wonderbra Decoder to uncover Adriana secret. Let her show you how amazingly sexy, gorgeous and fabulous you can look and feel in the Wonderbra new range of beautifully uplifting bras. Go behind the curtain and let your smartphone see what no-one else can see, review all the colours, check the sizes and buy whatever takes your fancy.

Some things really need to be kept between us girls, right?

Similar to the way Ikea's augmented-reality catalog can be explored with an app that allows users to open cabinets and drawers and explore the staged room, Wonderbra Decoder allows you to explore, well, this woman's body.


It's a little finnicky, the app, but it does work. Like a QR code-reader, the app responds to the audio of Wonderbra's decoder video (below) and, after registering the curtain's QR code, displays on your smartphone a strutting model in a gel-filled brassiere.

Clever? Ehh... Well designed? Mehh... A promising ad campaign to boost bra sales? Well...

Welcome to the future, where models are our virtual playthings and the Mad Men ad-campaign approach is alive and seemingly well. [PSFK]


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As far as I know, the "Mad Men ad-campaign approach" hasn't ever come close to dying off...

I support feminism, but things get a little shaky when it comes to the outrage over the objectification and "exploitation" of women in media. It's a Wonderbra ad campaign. It shows a clothed model, and uses second screen technology to place a layer of interactivity over the actual ad: the picture of the model in the underwear they're trying to sell. If this were a regular ol' printed ad campaign, it would have cut right to the chase. Either way, the model made a nice amount of money for the job. It's not like an army of penises swooped in and held her at dick-point and forced her into taking the photographs.

Or from a different angle: I'm gay. I enjoy marketing that uses attractive & athletic men and objectifies the living shit out of them as much as the next gay/girl. Why should our heterosexual brothers be left out of the party? If anything, if a MAN can make money by showing off his body, why shouldn't women be entitled to make that same choice? And I'm pretty sure they make more money from it, too...