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World's Largest Cinema Screen Played Movie From Nokia N8 Phone

Illustration for article titled Worlds Largest Cinema Screen Played Movie From Nokia N8 Phone

Nokia's rolling out the punches for their delayed N8 phone. After filming the world's smallest stop-motion video with it, they played a movie to 1,500 Swedes on the world's largest cinema screen—through its miniHDMI port.


In Rosengård, Sweden, a screen measuring 51m x 28m in size was hitched up against a tower block so the film Prince of Persia could be projected onto it by four XLM HD30 projectors. Outputting the movie via the miniHDMI port to those projectors was the humble N8.


The previous world record for the largest cinema screen was a 1,338sq meter one erected at Pinewood Studios just outside of London, only slightly smaller than Nokia's 1,428sq meter behemoth. [Nokia Conversations]

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Robert Anhalt

Between the title and the lead, I got confused. I started to think that they screened the film shot on the phone to the audience. I had to keep reading to realize that those two things are completely separate.