Would a Bottle of Milk Still Go Off in an Igloo Made From 322 Fridges?

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It's a clichéd message, sure, but you've got to give Germany artist Ralf Schmerberg props for collecting 322 fridges to create this igloo. An attached electrical meter displays the energy waste to passersby, who can even pop inside.

Inside, there's a collection of all sorts of gadgetry—toasters, TVs, fans and for some reason an inflatable mushroom cloud. measuring 5.6m high on the outside with a diameter of 11m, inside it's 4.82m high and has an inner diameter of 9.8m. It's on display until the 9th of November, when it'll get dismantled and hopefully be recycled/put to good use, rather than just tossed in a landfill. [Ralf Schmerberg via Moritz Bappert via Inhabitat]