WSJ: Apple Is Testing Bigger Screens for iPhone and iPad

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The Wall Street Journal is adding weight to rumors of growing iPhone screens sizes, publishing a report which suggests that Apple is testing larger displays for both the iPhone and iPad.

Citing sources at suppliers in Asia, the newspaper claims that Apple is testing a 12.9-inch iPad design, alongside a range of prototype iPhones with larger screens. The speculation comes on the back of a Reuters report last month, which suggested that Cook and co were toying with 4.7- and 5.7-inch iPhone screens.


With the current iPhone packing a 4-inch display, these larger screen sizes would be a real jump—leaving the iPhone as large as most current high-spec Android phones. As for the iPad: there are obvious pros to a jump in screen size, though it sure as hell would make it less portable.

Of course, it's worth pointing out that Apple regularly experiments with new designs, many of which fail to see the light of day; that's how research and development works. So, while it's very likely that Apple is playing around with larger screens, it's far from certain as to whether such devices will make it to market. Let's wait and see. [WSJ]

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