Illustration for article titled XCM Rapid Fire Gear Lite: Xbox Controllers Go Fully Automatic

With the upcoming XCM Rapid Fire Gear Lite kit, Xbox 360 gamers will be able to add machine-gun style turbo buttons to their controllers. Working across multiple games and easily toggled with a top-mounted switch, the kit will also nearly double the controller's D-pad range of motion to 6 degrees in each direction. It will essentially take the stock 360 pad and juice it like [fill in your favorite baseball player here who you are absolutely SURE never used steroids].The only catch is that the mod will require you to get your hands dirty; soldering is a must. But Extreme-Mods will be offering players the option to send in their controllers and have the magical modding elves do all the hard work. So you can cheat at Halo and COD4 without having any sort of technical knowledge whatsoever. Score! Neither pricing for the standalone kit nor the install service has been announced. [XCM USA]


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