Yes, High Speed Photography Is Still Amazing

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This is not my first attempt at making a blown glass sculpture, although I'm pretty sure the results of that hypothetical endeavor would look pretty much the same. It's actually a bubble within a bubble, captured by high speed photography.


The scene was created and captured by Heinz Meier. There are more. Many more. And they each speak to the patience and skill this man must possess. At least when it comes to creating images of bursting bubbles. Beyond that he could be a real pain in traffic or in line at the grocery store for all I know. ["Splashes" Flickr Set via neatorama]


I think I understand how this was done. I, at first, pictured the bubbles floating freely in midair, but I believe that is incorrect. The two bubbles are floating atop a liquid, this giving the mirrored image. A drop of colored liquid is then dropped atop the whole shebang and a photo taken as the three interact.

Or something to that effect. It looks very cool and will probably never be repeated exactly as this again.