Yes, Windows 10 Is Coming This Summer—But Only For PCs

Illustration for article titled Yes, Windows 10 Is Coming This Summer—But Only For PCs

We already knew that the next version of Windows was slated to arrive sometime this summer (and for free!)—but it wasn’t completely clear what that meant.


Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore describes the rollout at a “wave of benefit that starts in the summer and increases throughout the fall.” At first, only PCs will be able to update to Windows 10, with Phone, Xbox One, Arduino and Hololens launches staggered over the next several months. Not even PC users will get the complete package up front—Belfiore says that some features will be added to the desktop build after launch. Let’s hope it’s nothing big like Cortana or Edge, Microsoft’s fancy new web browser.

It’s hardly a surprise that Windows 10 is taking a cautious rollout approach, but this is still a minor bummer. Either way, if you’re a Windows Phone user who’s thinking about upgrading, maybe hold off on buying your next device until the new OS is ready for primetime.

Update: A Microsoft program manager let slip to Gizmodo that Windows 10—for PCs, anyways—is indeed slated for July. AMD CEO Lisa Su had previously commented that Windows 10 would launch in late July, a claim which Microsoft will neither confirm nor deny.




Have been running the builds for a few months now.

total install size has been less than 7 GB; install time (from an ISO and wiping a drive), < 1 hour.

Plays nice with older hardware. (Used double driver to reinstall specific drivers as needed). Boots fine.

Avast anti virus has no problem with it. (unlike the original W8)

Installed on older XP computers to act as printer ports / emergency chrome book. Works.

As a comparison upgrading an original Nexus 7 to Lollipop was a mistake, a pain in the arse, and a time sink to get half way decent. And that came with the promise things would work on the older system.