Yet Another PSPGo Mod Blinds You With LEDs

Illustration for article titled Yet Another PSPGo Mod Blinds You With LEDs

Seriously, what is wrong with the PSPGo? Is the handheld so ho-hum that people are purposefully modding it into awful things, or is it just a really hard device to work with?


This latest entry attempts to camouflage the portable as some kind of Christmas decoration. The buttons glow, lights flash, yada yada yada you paid a $250 premium and then put a bunch of holes in it.


Sorry for all the negativity. I guess I was just holding out hope that the "PSPGo Mod" Google Alert that popped up in my inbox today was the one where someone finally hacked this thing with better wifi so it could download a file in less than a hour. [Acid Mods - Thanks, Wouter]

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What I'd REALLY like is to have a soft glow around the headphone jack and charger jack...finding those in the dark sucks.