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You Can Finally Buy an Inductive Charger For Your Bosch Power Tools

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've known for months now that Bosch would be the first power tool company to offer inductive batteries and wireless charging technology. Well, now it's actually up for offer. The first of Bosch's wireless chargers and batteries are finally for sale online. And more are on the way!

In case you missed the news the first time around, Bosch has figured out how to apply inductive charging techniques to power-hungry power tools. This kind of technology has been around for years on low-powered devices like electric toothbrushes but has proven to be tough to scale—despite the promise it could hold for electric vehicles.


Bosch set out to make its wireless charging technology work just as quickly and efficiently as its traditional chargers, however. In a recent demo at Gizmodo, the company proved that it did just that. The batteries charge just as fast and last just as long, and all you have to do is set the tool on a platform. Some beta testers actually think the batteries last longer, though in reality, they're just charging them constantly because it's so easily.

Check out the range of wireless charging kits now available for sale at Bosch's website. It's important to note that the new wireless charging batteries will work with existing Bosch tools. All you need are the new batteries and chargers. [Bosch]