You Can Now Buy A Life-Size Replica Of A Batman Returns Penguin Commando

Remember when The Penguin got mad literal in Batman Returns and had his own little army of Penguins to command? Did you love it so much that you've spent the past 23 years thinking 'Oh, how I wish I could have a rocket-bearing Penguin of my own!'? Well, you're in luck. Apparently.

We live in a strange, often terrifying world. This is just one of the reasons why.


Okay sure it's not an actual penguin, but a statue - a 20-inch tall one at that - depicting the little blighter complete with his rocket and mind control helmet. But get this: This isn't just an actual thing that you can buy, it's an extremely limited thing that you can buy. There are only 300 Penguin Commandos in existence, and only 75 of those are coming to America next month. But before you start clamouring to preorder, bear in mind that this Penguin his going to set you back $500. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I own a lot of dumb nerd shit. Like, a lot. I'm not entirely sure why anyone would ever want to own this, unless you've got a ridiculous amount of cash to burn and want to buy all 75 american-bound penguins to put on your lawn to freak out the neighbours.

Okay, that's a pretty good reason. But it's the only one. Interested, somehow? Tootle on over to Entertainment Earth to see more.

[via Geek Alerts]

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