You Can Own the Laptop That Sent the First Presidential Email

You'd think the laptop used by the president who first sent an email while in office would end up in the Smithsonian, or at the least, somewhere in the White House. But this Toshiba Satellite Pro which President Bill Clinton used to send an email to orbiting astronaut John Glenn on November 7, 1998 is up for grabs on eBay-with a starting bid of $125,000.

How did the computer make its way to eBay? Apparently the laptop belonged to Commander Robert G. Darling, pictured above, who was the White House physician during Clinton's stay. He later passed it onto the seller who is including considerable proof of its provenance, including photos of President Clinton using it (signed by him and Glenn) and the official press release marking the historic occasion. The laptop even comes with the original emails if you want to relive the moment again and again, or just enjoy a game of Solitaire because that's probably the only other thing it's good for. [eBay via Mashable]


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