You Won't Believe How Dumb These iOS 6 Maps Mistakes Are

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When you're ironing out a whole new mapping platform, like Apple is, some small details are sure to slip through the cracks. Names of streets, wrong turns, confusing oceans and deserts thousands of miles apart, the spellings of some small to... Hold it.


Yep. Apple's new Maps app confuses Greenland for the Indian Ocean, the Indian Ocean for the Arctic Ocean, the middle of Africa for the North Pacific, and the southern ocean for the North Atlantic. Which, you know, not minor details. They'll be ironed out shortly, no doubt, but those are delightfully idiotic mistakes to have gone live, especially considering some of the small details Apple has in there. Let us know if you spot any others!

Thanks James!


I love how people try to defend apple by saying that its beta and its still 4 months till they release it officially.

You're so gonna get siried out, waiting a whole year to get a quite functional map-app that wont ever replace gmaps, ever! It will take years for apple to gather the information that google has, like searching for random stuff in gmaps still shows you what you want, you know, cause google IS the biggest search engine.

Well, you all know that im right, but yeah, lets wait another 3 months to prove my point. Y'all know where to find me. Ill be sitting at the corner enjoying my functional gmapps on my Android-Phone.