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A new dating site called pairs up virgins so that they may meet up, date, marry and then shed their V-cards in good faith. All good stuff, though I have to ask: Isn't this the same thing as


I kid the Cupidtino users, really I do. I'm sure that when they aren't mercilessly deflowering their Apple products with wanton abandon, they have had plenty of time to deflower other Cupidtino users as well. Right?

Sadly, all kidding aside, CNET (discoverer of this fine site), was unable to decipher how the site could confirm a user's virgin-dom, and I, being of the sinful non-virgin variety, was barred from entering through's pure pearly gates to check it out for myself.

My research, at the moment, will have to consist entirely of "outside looking in" analysis. [CNET]



Anyone who wants to have sex with a virgin hasn't done it before. Sex is a lot better when both people know what they're doing.