You'd Never Guess This Animation Was Actually Made in Keynote

Keynote may not be as painful to use as PowerPoint, but it is still a pretty basic piece of presentation software. You might find it hard to believe, then, that this cute animation was made using the humble piece of everyday software.


Created by Linda Dong, the video below is a lovely example of how regular software can be used to create stunning results given a bit of time and patience. She explains:

The available animations may seem basic, but they can get you through most situations. I primarily used default Keynote transitions for this video and very rarely had to set up custom animation paths. Using the Magic Move feature and some clever masking can get you through most complex transitions.

It’s perhaps not quite as impressive as this insane Japanese art that was created in Excel, but it’s perhaps a more realistic use of the software’s abilities.

[Linda Dong via Flowing Data]



PowerPoint is painful to sit through, sure. But painful to use?