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Your next ocean vacation could be on an abandoned oil platform

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What do you do with an oil platform after it has outlived its usefulness? You've got this giant structure, set up for people to live and work on it, and it's solidly sunk into the ocean floor.

Now designers are saying that the best way to deal with these leftovers of the oil economy is to turn them into private housing and vacation rentals. Here's one way that could happen.


Malaysian design students Ku Yee Kee and Hor Sue-Wern describe their thought experiment with recycled oil rig design:

This design explores the possibility of living on the oil rig, above and below the ocean level. The general population can live above the water while specialized researchers such as marine biologists will work in underwater labs. The in-between zone will be used for housing and recreational areas. The existing structures could be strengthen with the use of peripheral steel beams that allow for high velocity wind to filter through the platform without obstructions.


It's perfect for climate change lifestyles, as well as escaping from land-based threats like zombies (unless they can swim) or tyrannical governments (unless they claim sovereignty over your platform). So what you're seeing is a vision of beachfront property to come.

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