You're Halfway To Becoming a Superhero With a Wrist-Worn Crossbow

If you want to remain one of the most popular custom weapons builders on YouTube, you need to keep innovating and improving your craft. Patrick Priebe's new WristBow Mk II is actually an update of his first wrist-worn crossbow that now features a semi-automatic reloading mechanism, allowing it to hold eight tiny darts in a clip for taking down multiple baddies—or watermelons.

Priebe refuses to sell his creations, or even directions on how to build your own. But if you can reverse-engineer the contraption from the footage in this video, you're halfway to defending your local 'burb from street crime. All that's missing is a near lethal dose of radiation and the one-in-a-trillion chance of developing a superpower instead of a terrible illness. [Patrick Priebe via Gizmag]


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