10 Technologies to Thrust Us Through Deep Space

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The Universe is big. Really, really big. And for Man to survive to see any stretch of it, He need move much faster. New Scientist has a rundown of 10 technologies of various promise. Brush up, nerds. [New Scientist]


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nachobel TOTORO!

So, what I gather from the linked article is: we're fucked, and we're not going anywhere.



Also, yeah, people fail to understand the proper scale and scope of our universe. I mean, let's all pretend that we had a magic ship that could travel at 100x the speed of light (yes, we're going just about warp 4) - it would take us roughly 25,000 years just to get to the Andromeda galaxy, which in space terms is basically sitting on top of us.

I mean, shit, even if we can magically go at say 120 trillion miles per hour, we can cross our entire solar system in 0.2 seconds, we're still looking at a 10 year trip to Andromeda.

We won't even go into detail about some of the furthest galaxies, where traveling at that ridiculously fast speed would STILL take us 52,000 years to get there, give or take. Traveling at 200,000 times the speed of light.

The universe is awesomely, comically large.