100+ Science Fiction Characters Drawn In The Simpsons Style

This news may come as a shock, but people who like science fiction often also like The Simpsons. (I know...shocking!) And when those fans want to combine their two loves through art, the results are often quite awesome.


Before we get to the massive gallery of Simpsonized science fiction characters, we need to give a huge amount of credit to the fan artists who drew all these fantastic designs. This gallery is, quite honestly, dominated by the work of Dean over at Springfield Punx, who has been cranking out Simpsons version of pop culture figures for the past year. As someone who can't even draw a straight line, I find what's he done simply staggering.

But we've also got a bunch of other artists represented, most of which come from the deviantART community. Finally, we have the work of Dylan Meconis, whose adorable Battlestar Galactica riffs (my personal favorite is to the left) were what first made me realize the awesome potential of Simpsonizing sci-fi icons. So thank you to them all. Now, without further ado, here's our gallery...

[Battlestar Galactica]

[DC Comics]


[Marvel Comics]


[Miscellaneous Movies]


[Miscellaneous TV and Video Games]



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