Who's a good boy? WHO'S A GOOD BOY?!? Ahem. Apologies. Here are our entries for last week's pet photography challenge.

WINNER: Lola Isn't Thrilled


My 11 year old English Bulldog 'Lola' right after being woken up with a camera in her face.

Shot with my Sony A7, F5.6, no flash.

- Wayne Laakko


This is a photo of my 7 year old lab Nash. Yes, it is an iPhone 5S photo set to HDR. We were on my back deck enjoying a nice Saturday morning in Massachusetts.

- Adam Page



I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my Chihuahua, Gertie (my wife named her after Drew Barrymore's character in E.T.); just ask anyone in my Facebook friends list. Sure, it's annoying, but I still do it. Fuck it. Anyway, Gertie (or "The Gert" as I sometimes refer to her as) loves nothing more than finding a good sunspot in the house. Well, that and maybe treats (I have also been known to call her "Girthie"). She was on our bed and looking towards a prime one, so I decided to snap a pic before she took off. And yes, this one wound up on Facebook, too.

Equipment: iPhone 5, ProCamera app, Instagram X-Pro II Filter

- Alan Burk

Super Click!


My dog's name is Click. We really clicked since the first time I saw that little crazy dog running like a superhero between cars on the busy San Fernando Road in Los Angeles. When I say that scene I just knew I had to rescue Click. I was chasing the little one for over one hour, I bought tacos, I asked for help, I pretended I was not interested anymore, oh man, after one hour, I was already tired and Click ran into a house's backyard and there I was able to catch him.

I was going to take Click to a shelter, but I had the idea of taking him to a grooming saloon first ( I know, dah! But he was extremely dirty), I felt sorry to see the dog like that ... Long story short, I could not go on with the shelter idea, and I thought I was going to be Click's owner, but it happened and still happening the other way around, he owns me.


I went back to the place I found Click and took a photo of a graffiti wall and used it as backdrop for this photo.

Canon 70D, 1/400, f3.5, ISO400

- Alecio De Paula



This is a picture of my dog (mixed breed, probably 50% Rhodesian Ridgeback, 50% German Shepperd and 50% Dutch Windmill) and me.

After a long walk in the morning in the fields of west México, he looked (finally) tired enough to sit in the grass, so I did the same. It's so uncommon to see him so quiet that I took him a picture that way ("It lasts longer" I thought). I was about 2m away.


Once at home, I zoomed into his eye, and I thought, "Hey! It's a me?". I played a bit with the levels and, yes, it was me, laying in the grass in front of him, reflected in his eye.

Taken with a Canon T3 and the 18-55 lens from the kit (No IS), f/5, 1/250s, ISO 100 (Auto) at 40mm. Cropped to isolate dog from other people, and tweaked the bright/contrast of his left eye only.


- Antonio S.

Sleepy Time


Usually my cat hangs around whenever we're about to go to sleep. This particular night I grabbed a small flashlight to search my drawer without waking up my wife, and I found that he was standing in bed stand; I flashed him but didn't move, so I grabbed my phone and took a chance with the picture of him being lit only by the flashlight. He stood still for the 10+ pics I took, this being the one I like the most.

Camera: iPhone 5; Shadows & saturation modified in Instaflash

- Armando Aguirre



My girlfriend owns a horse and keeps it at a stable in Gilroy, which is about a little over an hour south of San Francisco and we thought that he might be a good subject for this photo challenge.

Horses are very unique and similar to human beings, each one has his or her own personality and character traits. High Caliber Moment, or Bullet as he's known likes to eat and is very playful, so for this challenge I wanted to take a photo that would show a unique perspective of the horse and thought I could use a wide angle lens and shoot up while he was doing what he does best. The tree in the background also adds a very interesting perspective.


Canon 5d mkii; 16-35mm wide angle lens (shot at 24mm); f8.0 1/60sec, iso-100

- Brad Sasaki



This photo is of my female Merauke Blue Tongue Skink, Calypso. It was shot on my iPhone 4S around sunset. Aperture was f/2.4 and shutter speed was 1/391. ISO was 50, and the focal length was 4.28 mm. I took her outside to explore for the first time and she decided the small patch of clovers looked fun. I got down to her level and, being the curious skink that she is, she continuously approached my phone, making for great photo opportunities.

- Corbin Smith



This cute little goblin is Colby, our friends' French bulldog, (and boyfriend to our pug Yoko). Since our pals left us behind with their dog to go to Coachella, we figured we'd exploit their handsome Frenchie for your contest!

I managed to snap this pic as the little guy pushed his face into the sunlight for some sips of water on my Canon 5D. Since it was bright out, I set the ISO to 100 and cranked my shutter to 1/400 to capture the water in mid air clearly. The shallow depth of field was accomplished from a distance using a 104/mm lens and by setting my f-stop to f/4, (I use Canon's basic 24-105mm standard zoom lens). Settings aside, its all about timing and I got lucky. Taking your advice, we used natural lighting, set our shutter to ludicrous speed, and riled up the pups at the park. We have about 10 pics we liked of both the dogs but this one was our fave. Thanks to Kiel Harvey and Christine Nguyen for letting us steal #COLBY_THEFRENCHIE!!!


- Corrado Caretto



Unleashed in the woods; focused and purposeful; happy.

Sony RX-100M2; f/2.8; 1/800th; ISO 320. Corrections and edits made in Photoshop CS6 with some help from OnOne and Nik.


- Costas Kitsos

Honey Just Wants A Friend


I got my dog Max a stuffed bunny, because who doesn't like stuffed animals? Well, Max, apparently. He's still somewhat skeptical of Honey, the bunny.

Shot with a 105mm micro lens on my D610, ISO 800, f3.0, 1/800s.

- David Ratliff



I had my wife throw lobs for Stormy to leap for the tennis ball on the bounce. This was one of the better shots.

Canon T3i 1/640s f/4.0 55mm ISO160

- David Short



I took numerous photos of my dog before finally getting this shot. He was being feisty, so I waited until he sat on the couch and then zoomed in, called his name (Scoobs), and hit the shutter at the same time. It turned out perfectly with some nice bokeh on my hardwood floors.

Sony RX10, high contrast B&W mode, f2.8, 1/40, ISO 3200.

- Greg Johnson

Dinah Belly


This is what greets me every time I walk through my door. I've never met a cat before who wanted her belly rubbed, but apparently Dinah is the exception to that rule...although I'm still suspicious that she's just setting me up and it'll all end up in tears one day. This was taken with my native Nexus 5 camera app on HDR, and I cropped and edited it through the Google+ photos editor. I'm looking forward to getting into proper digital photography one day, but for now, this isn't bad!

- Kim Prokosch

Baby Gecko


I saw this little baby gecko roaming on my walls and got my Canon 5D III with the 100mm macro lens and bright external flash. The background is from a paint I have on the wall. I used it because of the contrast with the little lizard's skin. You can also see my left index finger so, yes, this guy is really tiny. Was not easy to take the pictures with one hand, my setup is heavy and I sweat a lot! The focus with these kind of pics you do moving the camera millimeters forward or backward and taking a lot of shots to be certain you got the right part with the right focus. Right now he is eating minuscule spiders around the house. Zero maintenance; best pet EVAR!!!

- Marcelo Ribeiro

Cotton 'Canty'


This is my 13 year old Maltese mix, Cotton Canty, who comes to work with me and sleeps under my desk. Photo was taken with an iPhone 5 with no flash as not to wake the sleeping beauty.

- Maria Canty



My neighbor's bulldog just had puppies last week. Brought some of them outside for a quick shoot. Mom stayed on hand to make sure the babies were ok.

17mm f2.8 1/50 sec @ISO400 Sony SLT-A65

- Marvin Francois

Slightly Burned


His name is SB Williams (Slightly Burned). One day i went searching for him, camera in hand. I found him on this ledge, sunbathing. I immediately started snapping away. Sadly, he fled the next morning. His memory still lives on in my pictures.

Nikon D5200; Exp: 1/80; Apeture: F/1.8; ISO: 100

- Movanu Shfaeeg

Luca and Garbo


So here are the loves of my life, Luca (left) and Garbo. Instead of shooting the little guys playing fetch, chewing my remote or bossing me around demanding their snacks, I decided on trying to capture what they are thinking ("Food, food and fetch me my squeaky toy, human"). But I think there is a soulful moment here.

Canon EOS 5D MII (exposure 1/80 @ f/8) with a 24-105mm f/4L IS glass. I decided on window light to get a nice washed halo effect on the doggies. Processed slightly in Lightroom to adjust highlights and saturation.


- Panade Sattayatam



I was lying on the floor with my camera as three giant dogs were causing a ruckus, I think she calls it "playing". Happened to be in the right place at the right time, my shutter speed was already set high with ISO to compensate and just captured one of them mid yawn.

Taken with Canon 5d mk3 & Canon 50mm f1.4 @ f2.2, 1/1000 sec, ISO 2000. Post processing done in Lightroom 5.


- Peter Subaiya

Two Sheds


Two Sheds was hanging out on the window sill while I made lunch, on one of the first actually nice days this spring. So, shooting challenge time. I wouldn't have been able to get this close with my "proper" camera. he would have been too distracted and possbly scared by the by the size. So, I used my old Samsung TL-350 P&S. I put it in aperture priority mode, dialed it as wide as possible to get the light to bloom around him like that. Then, crop a little bit for the old rule of thirds on his eyeball, and then some minor levels and saturation tweaks in PS and Bob's your uncle.

- Phil Gullett

Pippin with Royal Crown and Pendant


I'm doing photography with my wife for a wedding next month, and since I drew the short straw, I've been re-familiarizing myself with our old Canon Rebel T3i (instead of the 5DMk3) to be ready. Since the sensor/ISO capability is decidedly less, I decided this would be the optimal time to practice some into-the-sun shots where I'd have an overabundance of light. Then this contest was announced, and Pippin was immediately recruited as my test subject.

It turns out that as noble and brave Pippin is in his natural carpeted habitat, anything involving the great outdoors and wind is terrifying. After several minutes of soothing and restraining on top of his majestic empty-recycle-bin pedestal, he finally regained his composure enough for me to get the shot. According to what Pippin told me while I was processing the picture (yes, my cat talks), the lighting magically revealed the crown and pendant of his Ancient Royal Egyptian self. I didn't have the heart to tell him that his "hidden majesty" was just the sun and the lens flare: to prevent him killing us all in our sleep, I agreed with him.


Canon Rebel T3i w/ kit 18-55mm lens | 20 mm | ISO 100 | F/22 | 1/400 sec. Lightly adjusted in Lightroom.

- Phil Woodhull



Melody is a tuxedo you have to pay attention to. I had my girlfriend catch her eye from behind me. I knew I wanted to convert to black so I didn't mind the noise from the high ISO.

Sony A7 55/1.8 ISO 3200 f5.6 1/15 sec

- Will Gavillan

Objects In The Mirror Are Just As Cuddly As They Appear


- Megan Ross



Señor is my 6-year-old bearded dragon. At the point of taking this picture, he was eating but had to look up to see what the big black thing was that was being pointed at him and clicking all the time. Señor is tame and loves to be picked up or just run freely through the house. His curiosity really shows in this shot, as he is looking straight in the camera.

Pentax K-r with a 50mm 1:1.8 Pentax lens; ISO 400, F1.8, 1/250 sec, no flash

- Robbert Vervuurt



This is Shichi, a 16+ year old Siamese that my wife and I adopted. Many years ago somebody had dropped her off a a kill shelter because they wanted to start a family and decided a cat would be in the way. Fortunately a no kill shelter got her out of there and she spent most of her life with them until our paths finally crossed.

The photo was taken with a iPhone 4s (waiting for the new 6!). Shichi was just relaxing in her home, on her sofa.


- Jeffrey Giacoletti



Photo of our 11-week-old puppy, Skylar, taken today on our deck. I let her wander away, pre-set the focus spot, then called her to me and held the shutter button down as she ran towards me. Other shots showed her completely in the air, but this full-on happy face struck me as most interesting.

Handheld Canon SL1 using 18-55 kit lens. ISO 200, shutter 1/1000, f/8.0. Cropping and minor touch-up in Adobe Lightroom. EXIF info confirms the above.


- Stew Stryker

Just Let Me Sleep.


Just starting in photography, using the EOS Digital Rebel 6.3 MP stock 18-55mm Lens. I have 4 cats their black, white, orange tabby and gray tabby.

This camera thinks anything black is night and wants to do a 5+ sec exposure. Hard to get a good pic of him. This is not the best shot out of all my cats but I like it the most.


- William Hagerty

Wookie Jha


Borrowed my sister's dog (a poodle of some denomination) for this shoot. He is called Wookie Jha (his medical records state that as his full name). He is also quite gay.

A payment comprising of a Bacon Flavoured Chewy and assorted doggie treats exchanged hands with the aforementioned canine. Being a total diva, he refused to follow instructions, constantly pawed the camera (ostensibly for more treats) and had the cheek to attempt an afternoon nap underneath the sofa whilst I lay on the floor coaxing him to smile. All the while, my camera insisted it was out of juice. Only managed a few shots before all three of us (Wookie, the Camera and me) gave up.


Camera: Canon 550D; Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM; Aperture: f/1.4; Shutter Speed: 1/200; Shutter Speed: 1/200 Flash: On Camera; ISO 400. Post Process: Some High Contrast B&W effect using Canon Digital Photo Professional and cropped it a teeny bit.

- Arya Jha

Kitty Purry


Here's hoping that my cat will land on her feet. I made sure that I was super prepared for this shot so I could do it in one take. I manually focused the lens, had a remote on a two second timer, and took some practice shots by throwing random objects after counting, one alligator, two alligator... Bäco knew that I was up to something and so grabbing her was a challenge, but eventually I was able to pick her up. So... I ended up doing four takes. Poor kitty.

Canon 5D Mark III, EF 24mm 1.4 II lens at f/4.0, 1/2000, ISO 400, 2 external flashes


- Daniel Jang

Yawn Part II


Caught my English bulldog yawning before bedtime. Using a Nikon D80 with 50mm f1.4 prime lens.

- Seth Gittlitz



We get a lot packages from Amazon delivered and Bailey, our hyperkinetic fur baby, loves to frolic in the boxes. I cut out a peekaboo hole in one and managed to capture him prepping for the kill using my iPhone 5 with the flash enabled.

- Jeremy Brigden

The Best Things In Life Are Free


This weekend was one of the first warm days in Spring and my cats were loving sitting by the open screen door. An errant leaf from the fall had stirred up and flung itself against the screen, causing our cat Tela to go into hunter mode. I was laying on my belly in the living room and caught this shot of fall meeting spring meeting cat.

Canon EOS REBEL T3i; 250.0 mm; 1/200 sec; f/5.6; ISO 3200

- Tiffany Lutz Baruah

Thank-you to everyone who shared photos this week. You all have wonderful, wild animals. See the big images on flickr.