Some people thought I was unfair to Flash, calling it an unnecessary piece of power-sucking crap that has no real use beyond online video and advertising. So here's the question: Apart from video, what are exactly your top Flash sites?

Flash is not going to be used in Windows Phone 7, the iPod touch, the iPad, and many other mobile devices, but it is coming to Android and Pre.

Some people seem to be very upset about it because they think the lack of Flash on these devices is going to limit their enjoyment of the web. However, if you take out Flash-containered video players and advertising delivery (both dedicated promotional sites like and banners) what are other web sites that you people can't live without? Remember that video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are already replacing Flash players with HTML5 and h.264. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the video sites—including the porn pages, which are already delivering all their content for iPhone and other personal media players—follow suit.

Are you talking about Flash-based games like FarmVille and poker, or is there something else? What non-video Flash-based site is so important that you can't live without?

Please name them in the comments, and explain why.