There's nothing like a little Photoshop touch-up to make your navy look like more toned, suppled, and fearsome than it ever really could be. First Iran used a little editing magic to put its jets "in the air" and now North Korea is getting in on the fun as well. A glamour shot of the nation's recent hovercraft exercise shows a couple of its models looking suspiciously similar.

The photo, handed out to the media by the Korean Central News Agency, looks pretty suspect according to a some sleuthing done by the Atlantic. Specifically, a pair of hovercrafts in the background and another pair in the foreground are pretty obvious copies. Here, see for yourself:

You can really see it if you take a closer look.


It should come as no surprise; North Korea's been known to do this sort of thing before. At first glance though, it's not a bad 'shop. But if you're going to go with photo-editing over building more military vehicles, you might want to put a little more time in. And you definitely don't want to stop at two.


You can hop over to The Atlantic for a in-depth look at the digital tomfoolery. Better luck next time! [The Atlantic via The Guardian]