815 Things to Do Instead of Watching Tonight's Debate

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Watching the debate will not make you a happier or healthier person. It probably won’t even make you a better informed person. It’s just a sad reminder that our political system is broken and everything is really bad. Maybe it will be OK, maybe it won’t, but you don’t need to subject your eyes to bad political theater, so here are 826 things to do instead:

1. First, check your local TV listings. Something better might be on. For example, if you have Cinemax, the Harvey Milk biopic is playing at 8:50PM. I saw it in theaters a while back and recall enjoying it.

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2. Drink a refreshing seltzer. (x800)

803. Finger your headphone jack. If you have an iPhone 7, I’d say you can finger the lightning port, but we all know it’s not really not the same thing 🙃

804. Do a bad tweet in honor of Andreessen.

805. Flirt with hotties online. There’s always someone who wants to chat.

806. Take a walk. Winter is coming, so be sure to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. It won’t be long before things die and wither away, and you’ll be pinching yourself for not taking advantage of the good weather now.


807. Perhaps enjoy another refreshing seltzer.

808. Read a book? I hear those are good?

809. Try for a baby. It would be a sweet conception story. You could tell your future kid, “You were conceived on the night of the 2016 presidential debates because we didn’t want to watch the debates. Instead we read a Gizmodo article and then we did sex.”


810. Say “WAZZUP” again and again and again and again.

811. Maybe do your own fun blog? I’m having fun doing this blog. I’d recommend the experience.


812. Smile.

813. Celebrate National Pancake Day. Or if you’re nondenominational, National Better Breakfast Day.


814. Prepare for tomorrow. It’s a big day considering it’s both Ancestor Appreciation Day and National Crush a Can Day.

815. Read Gizmodo.com, the premiere site for tech and science news. May I recommend you start here?


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