A Better, Staggered Muffin Pan That Packs In More Baked Goodness

The creators of the revolutionary all-edges brownie pan have returned with another innovation for the world of baked goods. This time they want to improve how we make muffins with their Better Muffin Pan which features a staggered design—among other improvements—that maximizes the amount of baked treats you can squeeze in your oven, and minimizes the areas where you can spill batter.


Made from heavy gauge cast aluminum with a non-stick coating so it won't trap a treat or warp in the oven, the Better Muffin Pan also features easy-to-clean detailing, and recessed handles preventing oven mitts from touching wet batter. It's another one of those 'this is how this should have been designed in the first place' products, and can grace your own kitchen for $36. [ThinkGeek]


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