All-Edges Brownie Pan Makes My Inner Child Want to Die

Attention, gross chewy-edge brownie people: You're wrong. You always have been, and you always will be. But that hasn't stopped you from getting your very own brownie pan, to help you indulge your vice in the purest way possible.

Here's the pitch:

The serpentine wall shape of the All Edges Brownie Pan conducts heat better than your average baking pan resulting in more even cooking. The crazy shape also gives each piece two yummy edges,and that's where the concentrated brownie love is!


Granted, I can get behind that operative term—"even cooking"—as long as it can be twisted to mean that my brownies will be uniformly gooey, not chewy, or crunchy, or whatever wrongheaded adjective you choose to cling to.

The All-Edges pan is $35 from ThinkGeek, no matter which side of the fence you fall bake on. [ThinkGeek]

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