A Buyer's Guide to Emoji Jewelry

Do you love emoji? Do you love emoji so much that you want to wear gold-plated versions of it on your body? Does somebody you love love emoji that much? Then, this is the buyer’s guide for you.

Emoji fashion in general is not a new concept. For years, it’s been a fixture on Etsy and headline-hungry design firms. Slapping a poop emoji on a pair of slippers and selling them for hundreds of dollars is one thing. In fact, most emoji clothing is generally more attention-grabby than it should be.


True fashionistas know an elegant and attractive piece of jewelry for an affordable price is a more intriguing statement. However, the wrong piece of emoji jewelry screams, “I’m trying way too hard to be down with the millennials. The right piece simply says, “I’m down with the millennials.”

So you want to buy some emoji jewelry? Here’s a handy guide to the best deals out there.

Emoji Rings You Can’t Quite Tell Are Emoji


Hip retailer Firebox says these silver sterling and gold-plated emoji rings are a “real conversation starter.” They’re just what you want out of emoji jewelry, though: subtle, fun, and true-to-form. You almost don’t know it’s the poop emoji, but when you look close, it’s definitely the poop emoji! Other emoji ring options include three sizes of each of these: Fist bump, heart eyes, okay sign, peace sign, pizza, and sassy girl. [$39]

Solid Gold Emoji Necklace


So you want to be high class? Check out Jane Basch Jewelry Designs, a favorite of Oprah dot com. These emoji come in solid 14-karat gold, rose, and white gold. For less than half that price, you can .925 sterling silver or 22-karat gold over sterling silver. You can even upload your own emoji and have it custom-made! But class is costly. [$136-$310]

Emoji Charm Bracelet That Looks Like It’s From 1895


Pick a tone—silver or brass! Pick your emoji—up to three! Charm bracelet complete! These lovely antique finish emoji practically look like collectible coins, and they’re not just good for charm bracelets. You can string them on a chain and have yourself a charm necklace. [$25]

High-Class Emoji Necklace


Another classy entry comes from New York-based designer Alison Lou. You can tell that it’s the OK! emoji for sure, but somehow it looks like a luxurious version of the OK! emoji. The designer makes a few other emoji-inspired items, most of which are also classy. [$475]

Cheap Plastic Emoji Earrings


These emoji earrings from San Diego were featured on the Today Show once. They’re cheap and they look cheap, too. Think of them as starter emoji jewelry. There’s a ton of cheap emoji jewelry on Etsy—if you just search “emoji jewelry,” you’ll find it. The emoji earrings above are the best. [$22]

Crappy Emoji Jewelry That You Should Avoid


There’s a whole slew of ugly emoji jewelry out there. Here’s how you know how to spot it: It’s ugly. Usually, there are fake gemstones involved. Sometimes, there are real gemstones involved. If there are any stones involved, it’s probably gaudy. The ring above is cheap, but it’s also crappy. Steer clear. [$5]

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