A Coconut-Filtered Water Bottle That's Easy To Actually Sip From

Moving the water filter from the pitcher in your fridge to the reusable bottle you carry around all day means you can safely refill it anywhere. The catch, however, is that most filtered water bottles either require you to suck like a vacuum cleaner, or squeeze the bottle into submission to get the water through the filter. Not KOR's new Nava, though, it features a specially designed straw and coconut shell filter so it's easy to sip.

But that's not the only reason to consider an upgrade to the Nava. Its flip-top cap can be easily opened with one hand at the push of a button, which reveals a soft silicone spout that's kept protected and clean at all times. The aforementioned straw and filter system, which looks similar to a Dyson's guts, ensures you don't have to strain yourself every time you take a sip. And replacement filters are available through a subscription service at $11 a pair.


The bottle itself—which includes a filter to get you started—is just $30 when it's available at the end of October, and as usual if you crunch the numbers on buying disposable water bottles every time you're thirsty, this works out to be a far better deal. [KOR]

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