A Drill-Powered Skateboard Is the Silliest Way to Get Around Town

Boosted boards—those snazzy electric longboards—are in high demand, and they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these is going to run $1,600. And they won’t ship until late July at the absolute earliest. There’s an obvious solution—but it’s not easily embarrassed.


Igor from Inspire To Make rigged up some skateboard wheels to accept a flexible drill bit extender. Running the whole thing off a portable electric drill, it’s a reasonably close facsimile to the slick (and some might say, overpriced) Boosted board. Without owning a drill or any other part of this goofball build, it still comes out to less than $500. Chump change! Although you’ll also be the person zipping around while holding a drill and generally looking kind of corny.

Because most of the riding footage is sped up it’s hard to tell exactly how fast this DIY electric skateboard is capable of going. Nor is it disclosed how long a drill battery will last in this capacity. Either way, it’s a clever solution to one of capitalism’s many bottlenecks.


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Silliest. That’s a funny way to spell “utter unfuckinglybelievably jalopgenius”.