A former James Bond will be a major player on Chuck, plus our first look at Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page's superhero team

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An X-Men producer explains what they're learning from the other Marvel franchise. There's another crazy Batman 3 rumor. See Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page fight crime in Super. Plus everything you want to know about Syfy's superhero comedy Three Inches.


X-Men - First Class:

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner explained that parts of the X-Men Origins: Magneto movie got folded into First Class, although she suggested it was more along the lines of Magneto's character history than specific parts of the script. She said the movie starts filming this month in London, and that Matthew Vaughn will try to do as much with practical effects instead of CGI as he possibly can. She also explained how they see the overall X-Men franchise:

I personally feel that the X-Men franchise is kind of like Marvel in that there's a lot of characters, there are a lot of stories, 40 years of comics and that we can make multiple movies. It's not like Spider-Man where there is a Spider-Man and you follow him. This is THE X-Men and there's a world. In that world, we can tell many stories.

[Crave Online]

Wolverine 2:

In the same interview, Donner said the story of the sequel will adapt the Mariko Yashida storyline from the comics, and that the movie will follow the comics very closely. [Crave Online]


And she also gave a quick update on the third part of the X-Men franchise. She said that, despite how busy he is with that other superhero movie, Ryan Reynolds has been very enthusiastic about the project and has worked closely with the writers. (She also emphasized that he is Deadpool, which I'm not entirely sure is a compliment.) She said they hope to do that movie next year, and the fact that he's also Green Lantern only helps the profile of the Deadpool project, comparing it to Harrison Ford playing iconic but different characters like Han Solo and Indiana Jones simultaneously. [Crave Online]


Tron Legacy:

Here's a Hungarian poster that spotlights Beau Garrett, who plays Jem, the "Siren" program that supplies weapons to the game's combatants: [kinopoisk.ru via /Film; you can click on the poster for a slightly closer look.]

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Batman 3:

I know it's a dirty business, but we've got another ridiculous Batman rumor to shoot down. An inside source claims Marion Cotillard was offered a choice of Selina Kyle or Talia al Ghul, but she's turned both down for now because she's not sure she can make it work with other projects. There are so, so many things that make this improbable brushing up against impossible — starting with the fact that the original news post reporting this has since been taken down, and here are some more excellent reasons to dismiss this - that I'm not even going to tell you to take this with a grain of salt. Your grains of salt are too valuable for a rumor like this. Seriously, people are just going through the cast list of Inception at this point and connecting the actors to any character they vaguely resemble. So you heard it here first - Ellen Page will play... um, Robin? I think I need more practice at this. [CinemaBlend]



Speaking of Ellen Page playing the sidekick of brooding vigilantes (now that's a segue!), here are some new pictures from James Gunn's awesome-looking, ultra-violent superhero comedy: [JamesGunn.com]


The Thing:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead discussed the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 original:

"It's a prequel to the John Carpenter version so it's set in the same time, in the 80s, and it takes place in Antarctica at a Norwegian base there so it's a largely Norwegian cast aside from myself, Joel Edgerton and Eric Olsen. It starts off really slow, then this paranoia builds to when we realise this creature has broken out and is becoming different people and taking on the shape of the people in the base."


[The Press Association]


The co-director brothers John and Drew Dowdle explained in a recent interview how they will keep the mystery going as to which of the elevator riders is actually the Devil:

John: Absolutely. For us, a huge part of the development of this was that every time you cut to the elevator, something needs to change. You can't just have five people in an elevator bickering and keep that interesting. Drew was the first one who really started talking about "the spotlight of suspicion." There has to be a spotlight of suspicion that moves from one person to the next in very tangible, very clear moment. We really focused a lot of attention on going, "Now we think it's this person. Oh wait! But then something happens, and now we think it's this guy!" To keep that motion keeps the film interesting.

Drew: And keeping it sustained on one person for a little length of time – a little bit of you, a little bit of you, a little bit of you – we thought that might exhaust an audience. We want to spend some time to really focus on "This guy might be it" in distinct moments. And an audience might go, "Oh, the filmmakers are telling me it's him, so it must be anyone but him!" And that reaction is fine. It makes it a fun guessing game.


They also confirmed that the movie won't have flashbacks, and it really is all contained in the elevator and the building around it. [Spinoff Online]

And here's a new TV spot:


Timothy Dalton, who is easily the best Bond who was also a Time Lord (I think we can all agree on that, at least), will join the show for multiple episodes, reportedly starting with the seventh episode "Chuck vs. the First Fight." NBC says he will play "a mysterious stranger who has a history with Chuck's mom", but executive producer Josh Schwartz confirmed he definitely isn't Chuck's real father. [ChuckTV]


Casey's old special ops team will reportedly show up in the fifth episode "Chuck Versus The Couch Lock", and they'll apparently be out for revenge. They'll reportedly be played by WWE champion wrestler Batista, Bones co-star Joel David Moore, and, most awesomely of all, Eric Roberts. (Who truly is the best of the Robertses, I don't care what anyone says.) I don't know how exactly any of these three are supposed to line up with the John Hodgman/Justin Long vibe mentioned in a spoiler yesterday, but I'm guessing it would have to be Hodgman:Roberts::Long:Moore. And here I thought I'd never need to use analogy notation again. [The Ausiello Files]

Writer Lauren LeFranc took some questions from fans, and when asked whether the writers had to alter anything about Chuck's mom when Linda Hamilton was cast, she said Hamilton was "perfectly cast for the role of Mama B." [Chuck vs. the Podcast]


True Blood:

Tara actress Rutina Wesley explained what it means for her character now that she knows Jason killed Eggs:

"That was like a punch in the stomach for her. Honestly, it's probably going to be hard for her to recover from that. But then, maybe not, because she's been through so much lately that maybe she'll be like, ‘Oh, whatever. I can't take it anymore. This is something I can just roll off my shoulders.' The hard thing for her is Jason has always been a hero for her. To have your hero, someone you've looked up to or even wanted to be with, kill a man that you love, it is just a huge betrayal. And the fact that he kept it from me. It's going to be interesting to see how Tara handles the information. Hopefully she'll handle it well and stay in her right mind."



Here are some previews for the next episode, "Fresh Blood": [CinemaBlend] Click to view

Click to view

Click to view


Doctor Who:

According to the online CV of production designer Michael Pickwoad, two of the directors for series six will be Richard Clark and Adam Smith. Clark previously directed third series episodes "Gridlock" and "The Lazarus Experiment" as well as some Life on Mars episodes. Smith, on the other hand, wrote The Wealth of Nations directed some of the last series's most epic episodes: "The Eleventh Hour", "The Time of Angels", and "Flesh and Stone." [Doctor Who News Page]


Warehouse 13:

Tia Carrere will return as Agent Logan later this season. Syfy has announced that her character returns when one of her colleagues is killed as part of a revenge plot against Artie. [TV Guide]



The fifteenth episode will reportedly be called "Omega Girls." [SpoilerTV]

Three Inches:

Syfy has released a ton of new info about their superhero show, which just sounds more and more promising. James Marsters is confirmed for the cast, and there are a bunch of other newly announced cast members, with the most interesting name probably that of his former Torchwood costar Naoko Mori. It's a lengthy release that's worth reading in full if you're interested in the show - and we're definitely optimistic Syfy could have another affable hit on their hands here - but here are some of the highlights:

In Three Inches, professional daydreamer and underachiever, Walter Spackman (Noah Reid) is struck by lightning, and develops a unique "super" power - the ability to move any object using just his mind… but only a distance of three inches. He's soon recruited by a covert team of superheroes each gifted with their own extraordinarily ordinary abilities. Together, the unlikely band of heroes proves that "super" is simply a state of mind.

James Marsters will star as Troy Hamilton, a former government agent who takes Walter in to his own team of "super" heroes who fight evil wherever they find it. He is a father figure to Walter.

Naoko Mori plays Annika, a woman who can duplicate and broadcast any sound she hears.

Kyle Schmid will play Brandon, the "super" hero team leader with all the cockiness and strength of a true action hero, minus the superpowers. He is the opposite of Walter and sees most of the team as freaks.


[TV By The Numbers]

The Event:

Here's a new promo:


Executive producer Brian Peterson explains that Lois will be inhabited by the Egyptian goddess Isis in an upcoming episode. This Isis will be the actual goddess and not the DC character of the same name, although there will be a reference to the comics version thrown in. [The Ausiello Files]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Charlie Jane Anders.



As per Doctor Who directors, who directed The Pandorica/Big Bang? Because I saw that guy on Confidential and he totally got Doctor who in a way i've never seen anyone else do. It showed in his eps too. I want him back.