Here's an 18-foot reason to be terrified by the ocean

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While snorkelling in Toyon Bay, marine biologist Jasmine Santana of Catalina Island Marine Institute discovered the remains of this incredible 18-foot (5.5 m) long oarfish. It took almost 20 people to move the rare specimen to the beach.

Indeed, oarfish (Regalecus glesne) are extremely elusive. There may only be one video of this creature in its natural habitat that's ever been recorded — a natural habitat that's typically found at depths of 3,000 feet.


Toyon Bay is located about 2 miles from Avalon and 22 miles off the Port of Los Angeles.

But if you think the top image is impressive, check this out: Back in 1996, US servicemen found a 23-foot (7m) oarfish on the shore of the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.


Apparently some specimens are known to be as long as 56 feet (17 m).

Top image: Catalina Island Marine Institute | Source: KTLA.