A New Doctor Who Guest Star, Another Lost Comeback, And Secrets Of Scott Pilgrim

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A source claims to list Doctor Who's 2010 writers — including Neil Gaiman. Plus, learn all about George Romero's water-logged zombies and two leading ladies from Stargate Universe. Also: Lost, Fringe, The Sarah Jane Adventures, V, FlashForward, Smallville, and Heroes.


Doctor Who

A poster on the Gallifrey Base forums claims to have a list, from an inside source, of which writers will be writing which episodes in season five. If he's to be believed, Steven Moffat will be writing the first, fourth, fifth, seventh, twelfth, and thirteenth episodes; Mark Gatiss the second episode, which features Daleks in WWII; Gareth Roberts the third; Richart Curtis number five; Torchwood's Chris Chibnall the eighth and ninth; Neil Gaiman the tenth; and Toby Whithouse will write the eleventh episode. And the list puts the story featuring Professor River Song in episodes four and five. Note: This is purely a rumor, and should be taken with many, many truckloads of salt. Neil Gaiman has never said he is writing for Doctor Who, and there's no actual evidence that he is doing so. [Gallifrey Base]

Returning to more evidence-backed claims, another poster has images of the set, but Matt Smith is still hiding his wardrobe. The pictures do include a glimpse of a new guest star, Annette Crosbie.

[Gallifrey Base]


Desmond will reportedly appear in the sixth season premiere. [Lost Spoilers]

Lost cast members confirm that a bomb went off at the end of last season and that means "all bets are off." As previously reported, we'll still be seeing ill-fated fertility expert Juliet Burke in the sixth season; Elizabeth Mitchell has already filmed some scenes and may be headed back to Hawaii for more. But Jorge Garcia says it's unlikely that we'll see Libby again. [TV Guide]

Stargate Universe

Things get tense aboard the Destiny in a clip from this week's series pilot:


Alaina Huffman says her character, medic Tamara Johansen, will gradually come into her own over the course of the episodes, though she is initially overwhelmed by the situation. [CinemaSpy]

CinemaSpy also spoke with Elyse Levasque, who plays Chloe Armstrong, the aide to her US senator father. She went to Harvard Law and did her best to fit in with the popular crowd. Where many others aboard the Destiny come in with training or a special skill set, Chloe is more completely out of her element than she has ever been, and it comes as quite a shock to her to be useless. Eventually, though, her political training will come in handy in dealing with situations on board. As the season goes on, she will delve more into Stargate history and become more of a go-to person. [CinemaSpy]



The Observer has been spotted on set, although it's not clear what episode these pics are linked to:


[PianoDentist via Spoiler TV]

A behind-the-scenes promo for Thursday's episode takes us inside a railway station where a human being has just gone kablooey:



The UK promo for V shows a little bit more of the moments prior to first contact:



Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Michael Cera says that the Scott Pilgrim adaptation has more air cannons and lightbulbs in it than any movie he has ever seen. He also said that Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley gave each actor a list of 10 things only they were supposed to know about their character. [MTV]


Survival of the Dead

/Film has posted a review of George Romero's latest zombie flick, which focuses largely on the feud between two Irish families living in an isolated island community: one that believes undead family members should be kept alive until a cure can be found and another who wants to wipe out all zombies. We'll be seeing zombies that walk underwater (which doesn't bode so well for the whole "escape to an island" plan), and Romero has even more tweaks to his zombie rules. [/Film]



Joseph Fiennes takes us further inside the mind of Mark Benford:



It's all politics and violence in this sneak peek for next week's episode:


The Sarah Jane Adventures

The rhino-headed Judoon return to Earth in another new trailer for the first arc of season three, "Prisoner of the Judoon:"


[Blogtor Who]


The second season will see a shift in the interpersonal relationships between the characters. We'll be seeing the relationship between Helen Magnus and her protege Will Zimmerman intensify and we'll see more brutal honesty between them, and Druitt and Magnus' relationship will change as well. Henry will feature much more prominently, and we'll see new Sanctuary team member Kate Freelander. We'll also see a possible future for the Sanctuary, and in the episode "Next Tuesday" Will and Magnus will end up in an abandoned oil rig and we'll learn a bit about Magnus' past in WWII. Also, the Cabal will appear in the premiere to resolve the season cliffhanger, but will not appear throughout the season. [CinemaSpy]


Additional reporting by Alexis Brown and Charlie Jane Anders.



Zombies that swim. Next Zombies that fly. Pretty soon we'll have zombies that transform into Zombots.