A plague road movie, done Clive Barker style

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Clive Barker is the master of weird, smart horror — he brought you the classic, original Hellraiser flick, and wrote the Abarat series, as well as the story that inspired Candyman. And now this horror legend is asking people to support the work of an upcoming filmmaker named Mark Miller, who is using Kickstarter to raise money for a reel he can shop around to studios for funding a snarky horror film called The Sickness.

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On Kickstarter, Miller describes the movie like this:

The Sickness is about a young woman, named Karen Hamer, who contracts a mysterious and vicious illness that leaves her no choice but to find a cure by any means necessary. So, with the aid of her Fiance, Clay Bonham, she embarks on a psychotic cross country road trip, and in the process, lays waste to everything she encounters.


Miller is asking for $7,500 to produce a trailer he can show to possible funders — a reasonable price to help create what could be your next funny and awesomely disturbing visit to the world of horror.

You can donate to Miller's trailer for The Sickness via Kickstarter