A Real Man's Gift: Make Your Own Axe Kit

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You could get the budding lumberjack in your life an axe for the holidays, but what's the fun in that? If he's going to chop down his own Christmas tree, he should do it with an axe he made himself.


Best Made Company—the same folks who demonstrated irrefutably that the MacBook Air is thinner than an axe—will sell you a ready-made axe if you really want one. But I'd much prefer their Wetterlings Axe Maker's Kit, wherein you're gifted a hand-forged 6-inch blade, two 20-inch handles of hickory, wedges, and a sense of self-satisfaction every time you chop a piece of wood or, I guess, stare proudly at your ornamental axe. All it costs is $140, and a sense of purpose. [Best Made]

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Shouldn't a real "Make your own axe" kit consist of a hundred pounds of iron ore and a log?