A Shock-Absorbing Airless Tire That Will Never Go Flat

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Inspired by Bridgestone's puncture-proof tires, and Michelin's Tweel, Hankook has decided that it wants to get into the next-generation tire market with its own i-Flex. Like the previous creations from its competitors, Hankook's tire trades an air-filled bladder that's prone to leaks and punctures for an engineered rubber framework that provides support and shock absorption.


With the i-Flex, a complex array of rubber cells lines the inside of the tire. And since every bump is evenly distributed across this network of tiny shock absorbers, in theory the i-Flex tires should provide an even comfier ride. The tires are lighter too, improving a vehicle's fuel efficiency, and are actually quieter than traditional designs. And if that wasn't enough reason to hope these reach consumers, the unique design is also 95 percent recyclable, so they're better for the planet too. [Wired via Pocket-lint]


i never tire of new technology.

I'd even consider buying these, if they didn't look so goofy.