A Superman Toy On a Flying Drone Is More Entertaining Than Man of Steel Was

Sorry, Zack Snyder, your $225 million take on Krypton’s favorite son can’t hold a candle to this fun aerial footage of a Superman figure attached to Barry Craig’s flying Phantom 3 drone.

Following suit, who will be the first to strap an Aquaman figure to a remote control submarine so we can experience what it’s like to be one of DC Comics’ least favorite characters? [YouTube via Boing Boing]


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We get it, you guys don’t like Zack Snyder movies. Stop beating your readers over the head with this every. single. time.

The movie’s been out for 2 years and people still can’t stop talking about it, it’s like an obsession. No one’s talking about The Dark Knight, or The Avengers. It’s almost as if even in it’s hate, a mediocre Man of Steel has overshadowed all these massively successful movies in the social psyche.