Keep your eyes peeled: a small asteroid called 2014 RC is set to skim past Earth on Sunday 7th September. It should safely miss the planet—if calculations are correct.

NASA scientists reckon that the lump of rock should pass over New Zealand at about 2:18 p.m. EDT on Sunday September 7th. Current observations suggest that the asteroid is about 60 feet across, and that it should pass by 25,000 miles away—approximately one-tenth the distance from the center of Earth to the moon. Sadly, at that size and distance the rock shouldn't be observable by the unaided eye, though you should be able to see it with a modest telescope.


NASA explains that "while 2014 RC will not impact Earth, its orbit will bring it back to our planet's neighborhood in the future. The asteroid's future motion will be closely monitored, but no future threatening Earth encounters have been identified." That's a... relief? [NASA]

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