An Unboxing of John's Phone, the Anti-Smartphone

If you recall, the adorably simple, no-nonsense John's Phone only makes phone calls. There's no texting, no music, and no color LCD. It's address book is a pen and paper attached to the back. Here's a video of it being unboxed.


Is it wrong for me to want something so delightfully useless? [BuzzFeed]



The fact that you have to enter phone numbers by hand every single time you dial them means that this is far from being the world's simplest cell phone. That's like if I started selling computers the size of a small car that only performed basic math equations but you had to program each equation onto a punch card before it would give you an answer. It would be archaic and difficult to use, not simple.

This is designed for people who want to be trendy and have an ice breaker at parties, not people who are seeking simplicity.