Angela Bassett Would Have Made a Fantastic Killmonger in Black Panther

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Everyone knows that a movie immediately becomes 75 percent more interesting when Angela Bassett’s a member of the cast—and the more screen time she’s given, the better.

Bassett is positively resplendent as Black Panther’s Queen Mother Ramonda, but if there’s one thing to nitpick about her performance in the movie, it’s that there just isn’t enough of it. Black Panther would have undoubtedly been a stronger film if Ramonda had a bit more to do and say. But until the home release with its deleted scenes drop sometime later this year, we’ll all have to make do with this fantastic clip of Bassett doing her very best impersonation of Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger.

Bassett recently stopped by BuzzFeed to speak about the film and Jordan’s ad-libbed “hey, auntie” line and, because she’s a true icon, she blessed the world with a brief glimpse of what her take on Killmonger might have been like.


Sure, Bassett’s hamming it up a little, but the real takeaway here is that when we see Ramonda again in Infinity War, she needs—no, we all need—to see her chew up some scenery and spit it out in Thanos’ face.