It's hard to find a display crisper than OLED; you don't need to look much further than LG's 32-inch OLED TV for proof. So how come we don't see the technology in laptops? Apple's apparently been asking the same question.


The three Cupertino patents dug up today over at Patently Apple indicate that Apple's majorly keen on the potential of OLED devices. They're looking not just at iPads (which could use a resolution evolution) but iPod Touches, MacBooks—even Apple TVs.

The three patents center around creating a viable touch interface within an OLED environment. They could just be defensive, of course, so that Apple can get litigious if and when a rival beats them to the punch. But either way, any doubt that OLED was the future of displays should be pretty much dispelled by now. And that we're well past the pencil-on-paper stage. [Patently Apple]

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