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Apple’s Power Nap Is Now Available as a Firmware Update

Apple's Power Nap, which allows Macs to pull down email, calendar changes, software updates and whatever else from the internet while in standby, is now available as a firmware update for those running Mountain Lion.


9to5mac reports that the firmware allows those running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to take advantage of the feature. One snag, though: you'll need either a 2011 MacBook Air or better, or one of the new 2012 Retina MacBook Pros. The firmware update for the MacBook Airs is already available, and the Retina update is "coming soon". You can read more about Power Nap's features here.


Sadly, standard MacBook Pro users need not apply. Apparently the option should spread to more of Apple's laptops as the company transitions entirely to SSD. In the meantime, Air and Retina users will be able to open their laptops to find things have happened while they've been stowed away—which is either incredibly cool or just the tiniest bit creepy. [9to5mac]

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Jacob Varley

Sooo... the Mac is catching up to what Windows already does? Calendar syncing, email fetching, automatic data backup? Dear god! It's almost as if they didn't think while coming up with this novelty.

Seriously? This isn't a feature that already exists? I don't care what platform you use, I would except this to pretty much be a standard across the board. The only thing I can say is why would it do this while sleeping? Doesn't that negate any reason to "sleep" in the first place? you know, save battery life, stuff like that? Every smart phone I know of does this all the time - by this, I mean drain your battery and syn every god damn thing. iPhone, android, and BB.