Apple Will Merge All Your Accounts Into One

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You probably have an Apple ID. You might have more than one. It's also possible you have a MobileMe account. So with the impending launch of iCloud, which login will you use? It turns out, you won't have to choose.

MacRumors reports the company's "working on" the ability to consolidate all of your myriad Apple IDs into one. This will not only save you the hassle of having to remember multiple passwords in addition to frequent logging in and out, but allow the smooth shiny seamlessness Apple's been touting for iCloud all along. The word came straight from an Apple rep who contacted a frustrated user after they emailed bossman Tim Cook—so we're assuming this is legit. And, of course, it just makes a whole lot of sense. [MacRumors]

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Two things with this:

1) Will this finally solve the syncing issues I have? I don't know if anyone else has this trouble, but -every time I sync- I get warnings about not being authorized to play X amount of songs. I end up having to log in with three accounts (one super-old, and then one with my username but no email address, and then the whole email address). Will these get consolidated?

Obviously it sounds like I have music from three different accounts in my library for some reason. I have no idea how it happened.

2) Has there been confirmation one way or the other on how the iCloud, and especially iMessage, will work? Let's say if uh, you and your wife are sharing an iTunes account because that means if you both want an app or a song it's half price. Can one of you set up a different iTunes account specifically for iMessage/iCloud? Or are you both using the same?