Apple Wins Europe-Wide Ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

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Another day, another Apple-Samsung death match. This time, Apple has succeeded in banning the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 across the entirety of Europe, because it was found to have infringed on Apple drawings that date back to 2004.

If you think that sounds faintly ridiculous, that's because it is. In fact, along those lines, Samsung has issued a rather sensible statement:

"Should Apple continue to make legal claims based on such a generic design patent, design innovation and progress in the industry could be restricted."


That has to be one of the more sensible things an electronics manufacturer has said in recent time about a court case. Still, it's probably helped along by the fact that Samsung was probably expecting a massive drop in sales of the Tab 7.7 anyway, now that the Nexus 7 is on the scene. [Web Wereld via The Next Web]

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How is creating the same generic design innovative? These patents actually push other co's to come up with something different and not rehash everything. Especially Samsung. Nokia's Lumia series is a good example of succeeding with differentiation.