Apple's Lion Is Extreme Right Political Party's Image, Too

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It's ironic that the poster cat for Apple's Mac OS X Lion is exactly the same image used by a extreme right political party. The stock photo—titled "The King", by Ronnie Howard—was available at Shutterstock and Fotolia, but it has been removed. You can still find it at Pixmac for $10.66. Just a few minutes after our post went up, the image of the King was deleted from Pixmac. [Thanks Jef Laugs!]


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I've long maintained that if the Apple vs PC debate could be framed as political allegory, then Apple would be Right and PC would be Left. It may sound counter-intuitive, but give it a try. PC represents freedom, diversity, inefficiency and hit-or-miss results. Apple represents homogeneity, control, efficiency, and predictable results. I find this particularly amusing as Apple users seem to skew Left (generally) and that their tech provider of choice may be a perfect counter-argument to their own beliefs (vis-a-vis diversity, freedom, etc.).

Just a notion.