At This Incredible Hotel in Antarctica, You Can Freeze Your Ass Off in Style

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If, unlike me, you look ineffably cool wearing a giant parka, slogging around in the snow and freezing your butt off, you might consider a jaunt to the White Desert camp in Antarctica. Also, you’ll need $72,000 for an 11-night stay.

The camp has been around for some time—it’s supposedly played host to members of the Saudi royal family, Prince Harry, and two “brawling heiresses”—but as Bloomberg reports, it recently received a “complete luxury overhaul” for its 10th birthday.

What does that mean, exactly? Bloomberg has all the one-percenter friendly details:

What it now humbly calls “sleeping pods” are six heated fiberglass domes, with bamboo headboards, Saarinen chairs, fur throws, and en suite bathrooms stocked with sustainable Lost Explorer-brand toiletries, created by a scion of the de Rothschild family. Wooden skis adorn the walls; thick parkas for each guest hang from free-standing coat racks. And each suite stands alone on a rugged strip of land in the interior of Antarctica, midway between a frozen lake and towering walls of ice.

Whereas the dining room once consisted of one long wooden table, it’s now a more formal affair, with furs thrown over chairs that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Brooklyn Heights apartment. After hangout sessions with 6,000 emperor penguins, this is where guests share convivial, three-course meals comprising ingredients and wines flown in from Cape Town. (They’re prepared by an in-house chef who cooks privately for the British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton when he’s not at camp.)


What a coincidence. I, too, have an in-house chef!


If you have the money, however, that $72,000 price tag is all-inclusive, so you can check out blue ice caves, go kite-skiing, and partake in something called “abseiling,” which I can only assume involves giving yourself the abs of a rich person. Throw in an extra $7,500 for an overnight trip to the South Pole, and you’ll be the proud owner of a “custom Bremont timepiece [that] comes engraved with the date of your visit.” That’s basically the same thing you get when you use one of those coin elongation machines, right?