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The Barbie Party Keeps Going at Home With an Official Release Date

Every night can be girls' night starting September 12! That special IMAX engagement is also coming soon.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Barbie at Mattel
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

There’s a Barbie blowout celebration planned for all of September, so get your Barbies and Kens together—and all their outfits, of course—for encore fun.

Barbie arrives at home starting September 12 for its digital release, so it’s time to organize those pink-on-pink slumber partieswhether the theme is “every night is girls’ night”, Mojo Dojo Casa house party, or something more tailored to your Weird Barbie leanings. And if you host a bash on September 17, it can be part of the official watch party online where everyone is (obviously!) encouraged to wear pink.


And if you’re hoping to experience Barbie on the big screen, for the first or fifth time, don’t worry—the film isn’t going to disappear from cinemas any time soon. As a reminder, in addition to its continued run at regular theaters, the box-office champ is getting a limited IMAX release beginning September 22 with new post-credit footage tagged at the end of the film to fuel more Barbie mania. Barbie summer is set to segue perfectly into Barbie fall, with more than one way to keep dancing the night away.

Barbie | Own it on Digital 9/12 | See in Theaters Now! | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Own Barbie on digital September 12 and see it in theaters now.

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