Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich: It's early, you're hungry, now is not the time for halfhearted breakfasts. Don't mess around in the morning when you can order a Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich—a conventional Grilled Breakfast Sandwich but with an additional pair of fried eggs, two slices of ham, two slices of cheese, and two strips of bacon. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from adding any other meat/cheese/deep fried product from the menu if you so choose.


Mint Oreo Shake: A flavor mix exceeded in popularity only by peanut butter and chocolate, it's surprising that Jack in the Box's Mint Oreo Shake isn't on the regular menu, given how much people request it. Yes, it tastes exactly how it sounds—delicious.

Image: Billy Hathorn

These are just a few of the numerous hidden options that restaurant chains across the country offer. Remember that it's always best to ask nicely, and that not all locations will offer every option. If you've got a favorite fast food concoction, tell us all about it in the discussion below.