Best of Sirius/XM Launching October 6th

To XM customers who've been jealous of Howard Stern content and Sirius customers who've always wanted to tune in to Oprah & Friends (a remarkably high crossover demographic we're sure), the newly wedded Sirius/XM has revealed their cross-content "best of" packages available for $4 a month. From what we can tell, subscribing to either offer looks to provide you with the most popular entertainment and sports channels that the other guy's got. For a potentially incomplete list of channels in each package, read on. Otherwise, continue mainlining Apple news fix.

The Best of Sirius on XM •Howard Stern (Howard 100, and Howard 101) •Martha Stewart Living Radio •Sirius NFL Radio* •Sirius NASCAR Radio* •Playboy Radio The Best of XM on Sirius •Oprah & Friends •NHL Home Ice* •The Virus •Public Radio featuring Bob Edwards •The PGA Tour Network •College Sports and NBA

Anything you see missing? [orbitcast]

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XM customers who've been jealous of Howard Stern content

Don't be that jealous; you'll just be disappointed. The Stern show is good radio, but don't let your expectations run unchecked. The sizzle is better than the steak.