Blacksmiths Build the Flame-Spitting Sword from Voltron

The Men at Arms folks can retire now. Not only did they faithfully recreate the blazing sword from Voltron, but they took “blazing” in the best, most literal way, in the sense that the blade itself is always enveloped by flames. It seems extremely dangerous but it’s also so damn cool.


Technically speaking, this build is two swords sandwiched together. A series of channels cut into the center allow propane to travel up through the hilt and out of small holes in the sides, kind of like a sprinkler. And as the blacksmiths explain, their blazing sword build is neither a prop nor a functional sword but something halfway between. Some edges are sharp, but most aren’t. The flames work just fine while the blade is on display, but they’re often extinguished by wind if the sword is swung. That’s a little disappointing.

But so what? It’s a sword covered in fire. What could possibly be more awesome than that?


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The hilarious part of these videos is that these guys are damn respectable craftsman in their own right, and that these builds are meant as a crowd pleaser. Sure, they get paid for this, but I think the goal is to make art more than make functional blades. They are fully equipped to make great blades, I have seen their work in person. This is just a goofy, application of ideas sort of thing.

All the flak they get from people who bash them as not being authentic is garbage.