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Boneless Belt Separates Your Fat Into Small Segments, Shames You

Illustration for article titled Boneless Belt Separates Your Fat Into Small Segments, Shames You

This horrifying belt separates your fatty stomach into segments because, in Japan, fat people are retarded and lazy and think this will help them lose weight.


This is how it supposedly works:

In effect, the structure of the rubber belt is a large mesh grid that splits the dieter's belly, side and back fat into easily manageable blobs. This allows for increased metabolic consumption of calories and raises the propensity for increased blood flow values. More blood flow = more heat = more burning of fat.


You know what really burns fat? Exercising and not eating fast food every day. But hey, exercising won't make your fat stomach look like it has a dozen little boobs on it. [Yahoo Japan via InventorSpot]

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I dunno, Frooch. If most Japanese like those two ladies think they are fat and feel they need to do something about it, regardless of how they go about it, I'd say they're doing a much better job of managing their weights (and far from being lazy about it) than any fatsoe we have here in the US.