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Buzz Lightyear Back From 468 Days In Spaaace

Illustration for article titled Buzz Lightyear Back From 468 Days In Spaaace

How did I miss this? The Toy Story action figure returned on the space shuttle Discovery last Friday, after first launching aboard STS-124 on May 31st 2008. Here's a video of his time on the International Space Station:

Buzz was up there as part of a program by NASA and Disney to encourage students to study science, technology and math. He'll be honored in a parade at Disney's Magic Kingdom-along with his space station crewmates and veteran Buzz Aldrin-on October 2nd.


Too. Freakin'. Cute. To infinity and beyond! [Orlando Sentinel and Newslite | Photo by Tony Landis/NASA]

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I can't believe they didn't bring Woody.