Canadians Write Angry Letter to Steve Jobs Over iPhone Plan in the Great White North

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Over a year after their Southern neighbors, Canadians are finally getting their hands on the magical iPhone. But Rogers Communications, the only carrier with a contract to sell the phone, has a data plan that makes AT&T look positively philanthropic. A $75 a month plan comes with a mandatory 3-year contract, 100 text messages, 300 weekday minutes, and a 750MB cap on 3G usage. To combat this injustice, Canadians have appealed to the top dog himself, Steve Jobs, in a letter asking him to intervene on their behalf.


The letter, which can be found on asks Apple's head honcho to "take a look at all these disappointed people" and do something! It also includes a petition, which has garnered over 10,600 signatures at last count. Do our friends to the North a favor and sign the fracking thing, eh?

Rogers has argued that its top data plan, 2GB a month for $115, is more than enough for most users and that an unlimited plan would "end up costing customers more for what they don't use." Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like they're taking a page from the book of the cable industry over here. [Fortune]



I'd like to see where all this money is going.

I'M GOING TO PLAY DEVIL'S ADVOCATE FOR LESS THAN A NANOSECOND and say that they're pricing it as crazy as it is because they're building a very expensive 3G GSM infrastructure for more coverage, faster throughput, and ultimately providing a better experience for the customer in the future.

Now, that being said, the salaries of executives of this company as well as the board of directors and shareholders should obviously have moderate returns, but if they're pockets are so fat because they just don't know where to put all that extortion money, then the public's anger is more than justified.

Good thing I held off on moving to Canada a while back. The US is screwed up in some respects, but man, the Great White North (maybe not so White anymore with global warming) seems to be getting royally screwed for their technology.