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Canadians Write Angry Letter to Steve Jobs Over iPhone Plan in the Great White North

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Over a year after their Southern neighbors, Canadians are finally getting their hands on the magical iPhone. But Rogers Communications, the only carrier with a contract to sell the phone, has a data plan that makes AT&T look positively philanthropic. A $75 a month plan comes with a mandatory 3-year contract, 100 text messages, 300 weekday minutes, and a 750MB cap on 3G usage. To combat this injustice, Canadians have appealed to the top dog himself, Steve Jobs, in a letter asking him to intervene on their behalf.

The letter, which can be found on asks Apple's head honcho to "take a look at all these disappointed people" and do something! It also includes a petition, which has garnered over 10,600 signatures at last count. Do our friends to the North a favor and sign the fracking thing, eh?


Rogers has argued that its top data plan, 2GB a month for $115, is more than enough for most users and that an unlimited plan would "end up costing customers more for what they don't use." Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like they're taking a page from the book of the cable industry over here. [Fortune]